Youth ss

Designed for ages 9 – 11 years old and 12 – 17 years old, these interactive seminars teach, build, inspire and motivate. Seminars look at success in five areas: Mind, Body, Spirit, Family and Friends, and Finances. Children will learn: • to create their vision • build their confidence • study skills • organization • work ethic • health & nutrition • discipline • social skills • how to deal with peer pressure • financial intelligence • emotional intelligence v. cognitive intelligence
Our one-hour seminars are a tremendous asset that help
children succeed in all aspects of life.
A unique opportunity not to be missed!
Dave Mackey,Parent
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“Every now and then, as a parent, an opportunity presents itself that has the potential to affect massive positive change for our children. Jay Valiquette and his approach to both education and child and teen mentorship is one of those rare opportunities. Schools, governments and parents should pay attention because the future of schooling is exemplified in Mr. Valiquette’s teachings, words and actions.”