Jay G. Valiquette
If you are looking at this website, it is because the idea of helping children to receive education is important to you.
I have always been guided by two ideas. become aware of the importance of education.

First, the ideal world is one in which people help others - unreservedly and with great happiness. Secondly, the idea that Edward Everett Hale expressed, that I paraphrase: I am only one person, but still I am one, and I will not let what I cannot do, interfere with what I can do.

Our Objectives

Our Philosophy

The Valiquette Academy Foundation is a

non-profit organization whose purpose

is to provide children with a stimulating and

inclusive environment and teach them the

skills they need to succeed academically

a n d emotionally. Our belief is that the

combination of strong academic skills and

attention to emotional intelligence leads to

individuals better equipped to succeed inside

and outside the school structure.

We firmly believe that success is the result of

vision, self-discipline, time and effort. Further,

we believe that it is important to hold oneself

accountable to good values and good manners.

These are not just empty words, but beliefs that

are dear to us and that we aspire to every day.

Our holistic approach is at the root of everything

we do: tutoring, French classes, English

classes, seminars on youth success and

financial intelligence, coding and digital

workshops, preparation for the high school

entrance exam, programmes for pedagogical

days, March break camp, and summer camp.


4781 Van Horne, suite 208,
Montreal, QC H3W 1H2

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