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We are integrated engineering company composed of a group of agile and experienced engineers skilled in different scopes of engineering
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A Company involved in servicing , maintenance and repairs of engines prime movers and exhaust gas turbochargers.

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“The Valiquette Academy Foundation made it possible for our son to continue to receive a very high level of tutoring even after my husband lost his job. We will always be very grateful!”

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“My grades improved so much!”

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“What a great place! The tutors really helped me! Thank you!”

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“Jay, you’re doing something very important for our son – having someone like you as a model is more than we can ask. As I told you in person, we were very lucky to have you as a teacher for all these years!“

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“I was a tutor at the Valiquette Academy Foundation for three years and I saw with my own eyes, time and time again,
that no student is denied because he or she cannot afford to pay. The Foundation regularly pays for children so they can
benefit from free tutoring, free March Break Camp, and free Summer Camp. The Foundation continually provides food for the

children and ensures that they have proper winter clothing. The more the Valiquette Academy Foundation receives support, the more children will be helped. I hope the Foundation will continue to grow as it helps so many children in so many areas of their lives.”

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“Every now and then, as a parent, an opportunity presents itself that has the potential to affect massive positive change for our children. Jay Valiquette and his approach to both education and child / teen mentorship is one of those rare opportunities. Schools, governments and parents should pay attention because the future of schooling is exemplified in Mr. Valiquette’s teachings, words and actions.”

Dave Mackey
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“Jay is very dedicated and passionate about education and the well-being of the pupils under his care.”

Christine Mclean
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“My children (three of them) all spent a lot of time with Jay and he had a profound affect on their physical and emotional strength as well as their character. To this day, they continue to excel in their studies and athletics. They would not be the same as they are today, if they had not had time with Jay… without doubt.“

Aaron Fraser
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“Thank you to the Valiquette Academy for making my studies enjoyable and never giving up on me. The Foundation has shown me that hard work pays off. The Valiquette Academy Foundation has changed my life! “

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