Objectives And Philosophy

The Valiquette Academy Foundation is a non- profit organization whose purposeis to provide children with a stimulating and inclusive  environment  and teach them   the skills they  need  to   succeed   academically a n d emotionally. Our belief i s that the combination of strong academic skills and attention to emotional intelligence leads to individuals better   equipped   to   succeed   inside and outside the school structure.

We firmly believe that success is the result of

vision, self-discipline, time and effort. Further, we believe that it is important to hold oneself accountable to good values and good manners. These are not just empty words, but beliefs that are dear to us and that we aspire to every day. Our holistic approach is at the root of everything we do: tutoring, French classes, English classes, seminars on youth success and financial intelligence, coding and digital workshops, preparation for the high school entrance exam, programmes for pedagogical

days, March break camp, and summer camp.